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I’m Dmytro Golodiuk

Solution Architecture Enterprise Architecture Product Delivery Enterprise Integration

Communicate complex things by simple words

Architecture & Design

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

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Think Beyond Just Coding

Product Delivery

Change your corporate culture to one where applications evolve continuously.
Agility in Enterprise is possible.

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Convergence of Enterprise Architecture, Business and Digital

Enterprise Architecture

Enable the architecture practice to help structure your organization.
Position an EA as a critical role in the pursuit of digital transformation .
Improve business and IT clarity, move to digital.
Deliver business value .
Prepare for the future .

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Increase the Value of Integrated Business Processes

Enterprise Integration

Be able to set up the communication of your applications with each other.

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Having a 📶 high-quality code – is a great asset. It means lower costs for testing and software maintenance, and faster delivery of functionality.

Software should be developed in a controlled process. This means that we can view software development as a process in the first place.

Building Software Teams

How to successfully deliver DevOps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Microsoft Azure DevOps. Create your Microsoft Dynamics products using proper processes across IT and Teams.

DevOps for Microsoft Dynamics
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Hi, I’m Dmytro

I am software engineer from Kyiv 🇺🇦. Microsoft .NET C# Certified Professional. Expert in .NET world and Microsoft Solutions for Business.

I am independent consultant specializing in Software Architecture and Design, Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Integration, Product Delivery.

  • Technology Consulting
  • Audit & Optimization
  • Cloud & DevOps
  • Technology Stack
  • Solution Design
  • Proof of Concept
  • Speaking
  • Training

Dmytro Golodiuk

ENTERPRISE ARCHITECT. Read full resume 👉
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Why Choose Me

I am passionate about Architecture. With everything I do, I aim to improve your maturity of Architectural thinking and to work within your organization. In essence, it is all to solve your business problems and achieve your objectives. I sit on the same side of the table as you to provide business solutions. I don’t try to sell you the latest techno buzz-words. My services are not something for the IT department, but involves business and IT together.

I do my best, when the talk turns to:

  • Achieving better alignment between business development and IT
  • Setting up application landscape
  • Performing IT-architecture scans (taking inventory of current IT architecture and making recommendations)
  • Supporting projects in their efforts to comply with IT architecture
  • Verifying compliance with IT architecture
  • Implementing architectural practices within the IT departments


Years in Software Development


Years’ experience as an architect


Certificates (regarding architecture)

My Timesheet:

Architecture and Design

analysis, design, architecture, documentation

Consulting for customers

сonsulting, presentation, workshop, work on site


life cycle, team collaboration, devops, mentoring

Programming / Coding

code organization, frameworks and API development, try new features, scripting


new technologies, training, certification,


Mission & Vision Statements

Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny. ― Gandhi

To Take the Responsibility
To inspire my customers and partners changing our future, powered by technology and innovations.
Modesty, Honesty, Public over Private (reg. Business), Teamwork, Trust, Adherence to Principles, Integrity, Perfectionism, Frankness, Professionalism.
Mission and Vision


What Clients and Partners Say


Very talented, smart and reliable professional software engineer! I was happy to work together with Dima. He made significant contribution to our projects with his strong technical background and good and clear understanding the objectives behind the technical specifications. He was very motivated not only to do his job perfectly but to develop his knowledge and provide coaching to junior developers.

Evgeniy Bachynskyi

Quality Director at Sigma Software Group

Dmytro and I worked together at Zeppelin International where he was Solution Architect and Software Development Engineer and I was Business Analyst. That is why I am well-informed of his job approaches. Among a lot of his pluses I want to emphasize leadership skills and attention to details. These talents really helped us to deliver successful projects. His deep knowledge in solution architecture increased the likelihood of effective project implementation. He is motivated person and is ensure that continues self-improvement is must. Such attitude inspires his colleagues.

Liubomyr Smaga

Business Analyst at Softserve

With great pleasure I would like to recommend Dmytro as one of the most talented software architects with whom I had to work. I want to admire his passion for the work he does. It is not acceptable for him to look for shortcuts and cutting corners. Dmytro allways delivered his best. Additional value for me he created by succesfull efforts not only in software architect but also in business processes understanding at all. During last 5 years it was pleasure for me to work with Dmytro! Best regards! And looking forward to work together in future!

Mykhailo Maksymenko

Senior Project Manager at Customertimes Corp

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