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How to successfully deliver DevOps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Microsoft Azure DevOps. Create your Microsoft Dynamics products using proper processes across IT and Teams.

Here I just note a brief summary of my service and why you should consider DevOps on your Microsoft Dynamics projects.

Who Am I

I am Dynamics 365 practitioner creating business solutions, building development teams, implementing engineering practices and ALM processes, and evolving DevOps philosophy into teams’ practices of my clients.

About the Service

The biggest challenge for most teams is where to begin the IT transformational journey? My mission is to provide you with a roadmap for moving your Microsoft Dynamics Team towards the “Next” Level. In each case, I am starting with identifying a team’s maturity and focusing on where to start your DevOps transformation journey for Microsoft Dynamics development.

What does this do for you

Question #1. Why should you use DevOps on your Microsoft Dynamics projects?

Here are 5 reasons.

  1. Automation – If you are still doing manual builds and releases, automate these manual and repetitive tasks.

  2. Quality – manual tasks are prone to errors, steps can be missed or incorrectly executed. This can lead to defects and inconsistencies across environments. DevOps practices will help you to minimize these issues.

  3. Productivity – eliminating manual steps and reducing defects, your team becomes more efficient.

  4. Predictability – once you have automation, releases become more consistent and predictable; you will be able to move requirements more quickly across your environments. This will give your team more confidence and the ability to release more frequently.

  5. Business Value – all of the above will free up your team from doing repetitive manual tasks and fixing avoidable issues to allow them to focus on delivering value to the end customer.

Question #2. Where should investment be made?

Why do you use Microsoft Dynamics? Why don’t you build the solution from scratch? Maybe, because Dynamics saves you development time. So, why don’t you waste time in the testing and deployment process? Automation will help. And I help my clients to step up their development processes and ALM maturity level. We build together the transition strategy between baseline and target state in this IT transformation journey. Plan, Develop, Deliver, Operate – we will focus on all these dimensions of product development and find the most suitable for your team balanced configuration.

Question #3. What will be changed for your team?

  • Standardized ALM process for Microsoft Dynamics using.

  • 1-Click Deployment pipeline.

  • Code and solution integrity – everything in source control

  • Test automation for Dynamics 365.

  • Continuous improvement – DevOps culture and common way to adopt new and new engineering practices.

As a result, you achieve

βœ… lower time-to-market;

βœ… increased deployment frequency;

βœ… decreased lead time for changes;

βœ… reduced mean time to recovery;

βœ… lower failure rate.

ACHIEVE MORE by adopting the right engineering practices and building the DevOps culture.

Watch the video presentation

To find out more about the service “DevOps Implementation for Dynamics 365”, watch the 6 min video presentation or look through the slides in the gallery bellow πŸ‘‡. Pleasant viewing!

DevOps for Microsoft Dynamics

Service Overview

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