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Having a πŸ“Ά high-quality code – is a great asset. It means lower costs for testing and software maintenance, and faster delivery of functionality. Software should be developed in a controlled process. This means that we can view software development as a process in the first place.

About the Service

I believe that βœ… right development process facilitates the team and each developer to πŸ‘ perform at their best.

I help software teams adopt best practices for effectively producing high-quality products.

🚩 My service is about facilitating your team of software developers and enabling them to develop high-quality code.

🧩 My role is to instill the best software engineering practices that address shared ways of working in the team, together with the technologies your developers employ, the processes they have followed, and the work environment they share.

I am ready to help you and your team in adopting development best practices for effectively producing high-quality software βœ…. I’m looking forward to being a part of its SUCCESS πŸ“ˆ.

5 Stages of Building (Transformation) Software Development Team

  1. AUDIT – assess your existing software development process

  2. MATURITY AND ROADMAP – identifying your present development processes maturity; providing a roadmap for moving your software team towards the next level.

  3. EFFICIENCY & INVESTMENTS – measure how do you efficiently manage the application lifecycle (ALM) of your enterprise software investment.

  4. ADVISING – Consulting, mentoring, guiding, monitoring and follow-up your team.

  5. DEVOPS TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY – evolve your DevOps practices.

4 Focus Points

  1. Software Development Process.

  2. Software Quality.

  3. Team Members’ Discipline.

  4. Metrics.

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Building Software Teams

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